Mission Study 2018


Session Agenda


AGENDA 01-22-17  AGENDA 02-19-17 AGENDA 03-19-17 AGENDA 04-23-17 AGENDA 05-21-17  AGENDA 06-25-17  AGENDA 08-27-17          AGENDA 09-17-17   AGENDA 10-15-17 AGENDA 11-19-17   AGENDA 12-17-17


AGENDA 01-21-18  AGENDA 02-18-18 AGENDA 03-18-18  AGENDA 04-15-18    AGENDA 05-20-18 AGENDA 06-24-18  AGENDA 08-19-18

AGENDA 09-23-18b AGENDA 10-21AGENDA 11-18-18  AGENDA 12-16-18


AGENDA 01-27-19 Agenda 02-17-19 Budget Final

Session Minutes


2017ANNUALCONGREGATIONAL CalledCong 04-23-17 CalledCong 09-24-17  CalledCong 11-12-17

Called01-29-17 Called03-26-17 Called 04-16-17 Called 05-21-17  Called 09-10-17  Called 10-01-17  Called 11-12-17  Called 11-19-17 Called 11-26-17a  Called 12-17-17  Called 12-24-17

Stated01-22-17 Stated02-19-17 Stated03-19-17 Stated 04-23-17  Stated 05-21-17  Stated 06-25-17  Stated 08-27-17  Stated 09-17-17  Stated 10-15-17  Stated 11-19-17   Stated 12-17-17


2018 ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL CalledCong 10-7-18  CalledCong 11-18-18

Called 02-04-18 Called 02-25-18 Called 04-15-18 Called 04-29-18a Called 04-29-18b Called 07-8-18 Called 08-26-18 Called 11-04-18

Stated 01-21-18 Stated 02-18-18 Stated 03-18-18  Stated 04-15-18 Stated 05-20-18 Stated 06-24-18 Stated 08-19-18  Stated 09-23-18  Stated 10-21-18  Stated 11-18-18




2019 Officers

                                                     ELDER MINISTRY ASSIGNMENTS                                                                           


Class of 2019                                            Class of 2020                                                   Class of 2021

Adams, Catherine (Membership)        Basnight, Shelley (Membership)                  Anderson, Patricia (Worship)

Barnhill, Kelly (Administratioin)          Cutler, Carol (Education)                              Burgwyn, Lisa (Mission)

Britt, Clay (Mission)                                Fraley, Todd (Administration)                     Eckert, Rich (Membership)

Davenport, Jessica (Mission)                Lee, Jason (Mission)                                      McConnell, Ann (Worship)

Dilday, Kayce (Youth)                            Leissner, Jenna (Membership)                     McGowan, Thelma (Education)

Farrior, Bill (Administration)               Morrow, Suzanne (Administration)            Rushing, Matt (Administration)

Lehman, Bill (Membership)                 Ogle, Lucy (Youth)                                           Silvernail, Tina (Education)

Mallison, Frances (Worship)                Pabst, Mary Jon (Mission)                           Vinson, Brian (Membership )

Muller, Dorothy (Administration)       Steele, Greg (Education)                              Williams, Jim (Administration)

Randall, Kathleen (Worship)               West, Pete (Worship)                                    Walker, Eric (Mission)

Webb, David (Education)                     Worden, Jim (Worship)



Administration                                       Education                                                           Membership

Barnhill, Kelly                                               Cutler, Carol                                                       Adams, Catherine (Co Chair)

Farrior, Bill                                                   McGowan, Thelma                                            Basnight, Shelley

Fraley, Todd (Co-chair)                               Silvernail, Tina                                                 Eckert, Rich

Morrow, Suzanne                                          Steele, Greg (Co-chair)                                   Lehman, Bill (Co Chair)

Muller, Dorothy (Co Chair)                         Webb, David (Co-chair)                                 Leissner, Jenna

Rushing, Matt                                                Staff, Kathleen Williams, Brian Dilday       Vinson, Brian

Williams, Jim                                                                                                                              Staff, Amanda Hines

Staff, Pastor


Mission                                                     Worship                                                              Youth

Britt, Clay                                                 Anderson, Tricia                                                         Dilday, Kayce

Burgwyn, Lisa                                         Mallison, Frances                                                       Ogle, Lucy

Davenport, Jessica (Co Chair)             McConnell, Ann

Lee, Jason                                                Randall, Kathleen  (Co Chair)

Pabst, Mary Jon (Co Chair)                  West, Pete

Walker, Eric                                             Worden, Jim (Co Chair)

Staff, Amanda Hines                               Staff, Karrie Rushing, Brad Collier


Class of 2019                                       Class of 2020                                                    Class of 2021

Betty Williams                                          Debra Mizelle                                                         Vernette Dean


Sermon Links

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