Children & Youth Census

If you have a child who is in the 12th grade or under (including children who are not yet in school), please help us update our information by filling out the following brief form.

FPC Children and Youth Census

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If neither of the parents/guardians can be reached, is there someone else you would like us to call in case of emergency?

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If there is additional information you would like for us to have on your child's church information, please let us know here.

Youth Group

(Grades 6-12)

The mission of our Youth Group is to serve others, grow in our faith and to enjoy fellowship with each other. This mission has been occurring regularly and noticeably throughout this past year due to the enthusiasm, excitement and dedication of its members and its leaders. Our program has established itself as an open and inviting place to join for members and non-members.  

Pre-Youth: Fab Fridays

Each month, 4th and 5th graders gather on Friday night to get a taste of what youth group will be like.  Fun, games and of course reflections help our kids know just how great it is going to be in youth group!

For the latest announcements and activity schedules for Youth and Pre-Youth groups, please visit the Youth Ministry blog here

Families at First

Families at First is designed for parents of school age children to provide fellowship and spiritual support.  During the pandemic, this gathering is often by Zoom, but when the weather warms up we like to gather outside. The group is led by Rev. Karen Jackson and her husband Rev. Rob Jackson who are also parents of school-age children.

JAM Choir

Our 2nd-5th graders make up JAM Singers and JAM Ringers. These older students begin to learn more about reading music (both choral and bell music) and learning the skills to be lifelong musicians. Together, we talk about the honor and responsibility of offering our gifts back to God through worship.

Cherub Choir

Age 4 (Pre-K)

1st graders comprise the Cherub Choir and Cherub Ringers. At this age, there is an emphasis on having fun making music together. Though the Cherubs do sing and ring occasionally for worship and special programs, there is no pressure on the children to do so.