God Values Us

by Amanda Hines on September 09, 2020

            “Perhaps that was the sin I committed.  I forgot that even the worst of lives is a treasure.” *

Revka says these words in The Dovekeepers after her home has been burned and she has spent months hiding in the desert. Her life doesn’t feel like a treasure at the moment.  But she suddenly realizes that it is.  Her life is a treasure, as is all life.

God values us.  Think about all the places in the Bible that tell us how much God cares for us and tries to take care of us.  The Good Shepherd leads us to still waters and green grass. Like a shepherd who leaves the flock to search for the one lost sheep, God searches for us when we have lost our way. God also searches for us like the woman searches for a lost coin.  God values us.

So, what are we to say when we feel like we are drowning in a world of chaos?  What are we to believe when it seems like God is so far away?

Job kept holding onto his faith.  Joseph kept doing his best to serve.  David cried out to God and asked why God was so far away.

We all get lost sometimes.  Maybe, like David, we can cry out to God in anguishing prayer.  Maybe, we need to rely on David’s words in the Psalms to lead us in prayer.  Maybe we have a hard time praying at all.  But know this:  God still loves us.  God still cares for us.  God is searching for us, calling us, seeking us out. This is what God does.

Even when we are at our worst in life, God treasures us.  We are as valuable as a lost coin and as well-loved as the lost sheep.  Our circumstances may change, but our value never diminishes in God’s eyes.

The same is true for every one of God’s creatures.  No matter the circumstances, God loves the lost, the rejected, the scared, and the forgotten ones in all corners of the world. 

When we forget the intrinsic value of ourselves or any other of God’s creatures, perhaps like Revka we are in need of confession.  When we begin to doubt how much God loves us, this is something to think about.  God’s loving care is always here to embrace us.  That is our assurance.  May we never forget it.

It is a joy to be one of your pastors.


*Hoffman, Alice.  The Dovekeepers.  p. 174

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