In Memoriam: Rev. Angus McGregor

Reverend Angus Walker McGregor, former Interim Pastor at FPC (1995) APRIL 26, 1939 – OCTOBER 28, 2019

by Rob Jackson on December 03, 2019

I was sad to learn of the recent death of Rev. Angus McGregor.  Angus was your Interim Pastor from February through December of 1995.  Looking back, eleven months does not seem like that long in the grand scheme of things.  But, in those eleven important months, Angus helped you to get ready for your next chapter of ministry.  Everyone with whom I spoke who remembers him, remembers that he did a great job, and that he gave challenging sermons.

Coincidentally, I knew Angus as well.  He was the founding pastor of my last congregation.  And, later, he did some interim work there as well.  Once we sat in the church library for several hours as he recounted going door to door and recruiting enough people to gather in a local school cafeteria.  Angus took discipleship, worship, service and fellowship seriously.  He loved the Bible and loved to teach it.  And, most of all, I think he really enjoyed poking at places where he thought a tough question or challenging statement might provoke growth.  That reminds me a lot of my (and your) boss, the Head of the Church.  Jesus was pretty good at those things, too.  So, I hope you will give a prayer of thanks for Angus and his life, and specifically for how he helped at First Presbyterian Church.  I know I will.

If you would like to read Angus McGregor’s obituary, it can be found at


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