Why Should I Make a Pledge?

There are two big reasons to pledge.

The first is for the good of the church community.  When the Administration Ministry has a good idea about how much income to project for the next ministry year, they can make good decisions for the church.  The Budget Chairman and the Treasurer, with input from the pastors draft a budget that takes into account all the ministry we feel called to in the coming year, reconciled with how much income we expect and bring it to Administration.  Administration adds its wisdom and passes the final draft on to Session for approval.  While the Session has final say over the budget, the creation of the budget draft depends on you, the congregation to be bold in dreaming of a great future in ministry together.

The second reason is even better than the first.  By making a commitment to giving, you are making a commitment to give serious thought throughout the year to how your faith and finances are related.  The act of giving at church is different than most charity giving.  This is a spiritual discipline in which you give an offering to God, and the Church, who has been charged to be the body of Christ in the world, uses your offerings to support the work of the Church of Jesus Christ in your local congregation, your community, and beyond. 

Making a pledge is making a plan.  Making a plan to be generous for the good work of the church is the best way to ensure that giving remains a spiritual discipline throughout the year.

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