Why Should I Make Offerings That Are a Percentage of My Income?

We ask that you consider making your plans for giving as a spiritual exercise, with more attention to your need as a Disciple to give, rather than what the specific needs of the budget are. While the Bible is full of examples of the importance of making offerings, even sacrificial giving, there is nothing biblical about giving to match a budget.  

We do not ask you to consider a tithe in some unhealthy, legalistic way.  We ask you to consider how God has provided for you, and what percentage of your income, along with your friends at church's percentage of their income, could be a blessing to you as a giver, and to the church to equip it for the upcoming ministry year?

Consider this image:  Imagine God gave all of us a handful of seeds of fruit bearing trees (but some have more than others).  We can take all of these seeds and plant them wherever it makes us happy: home, work, the places we play, to friends, etc.  We would rejoice at the beauty we had to spread throughout our community and beyond.  But, what if we were invited to plant a percentage of our seeds in a field belonging to a church.  What would it look like if everyone committed to putting 1% of their seeds to work in the field?  It would be great!  How much better would it be with 2.5%?  It would be 2.5 times bigger, and could serve even more people.  What if it was a tithe?  What would it look like if we all gave 10% of our seeds?  It would be a bounty, indeed!

It is much the same with our income.  When we all dedicate ourselves to giving a percentage of our income, the yield of our ministry, and its financial health grows. It s answering God's call to invest in the future of God's work in the church and to see where it goes.  It is repaying generosity with generosity and our own walk of faith becomes more robust along with our church's capacity for ministry.  

So, how much of your income do you think God is calling for you to give?  Would it be the biblical standard of a tithe?  Or, is another percentage more appropriate?  If you were unable to tithe last year, can you grow closer to a tithe this year?  Would you consider committing more in faith that God is still at work at FPC?