The Lewtak Organ

The organ at First Presbyterian Church in Greenville is a tracker – all connections between the keyboards and the windchests are done mechanically using nothing but thin pieces of carbon fiber. There is no other “assist” or “help” for the organist playing this instrument. This kind of connection is considered to be superior to any other type, simply because there is a direct contact between the human finger and the valve that lets the air go to the pipes. It allows for very fine control of the sound coming from the pipes, making the organ a living instrument and not a heartless machine. In 2018, the trackers were updated from wood to carbon fiber, which allows for greater key control as well as lightening the weight of the action.

For detailed information about this instrument please visit the organ builder's website here: Lewtak Organs 

Check out our organist, Brad Collier's special edition article celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Lewtak Organ.

Our organist is Brad Collier.