Columbarium & Sacred Garden

The Sacred Gardens and Columbarium First Presbyterian Church provides place on the church property for spiritual renewal and the permanent preservation of the ashes of cremation for church members, their immediate family, and others deemed by the Session to meet the criteria. The Garden also recognizes saints of the church by naming them on the memorial wall and path. The garden is set aside for those who hold their Christian faith dear and who have loved First Presbyterian Church throughout their lives. To walk in the garden is to walk encompassed by the saints.

What is a Columbarium? 

A consecrated structure used for the inurnment of the deceased’s ashes after cremation. The loved one’s ashes are placed in a pre-purchased niche among the wall of niches in the brick Columbarium. Each niche is covered by a beautiful, engraved face plate with the name, date of birth, and death of the deceased.

  • The Sacred Garden & Columbarium at First Presbyterian Church consists of 360 Each holds one or two remains.
  • The Memorial Wall is for plaques memorializing those interred elsewhere and wish to be remembered at First Presbyterian Church.
  • The Scatter Garden and Benches are for meditation and prayer.
  • Eligibility for Inurnment—Inurnment in the Columbarium is restricted to the cremated remains of members, pastors, former members, and former pastors of First Presbyterian Church, and their parents, spouses, and children. The Session may grant eligibility to others who are meaningfully connected to First Presbyterian Church. No more niches may be reserved for a family than those necessary to inurn the remains of all eligible persons in that family.   


1. Right to exclusive use of niche in Columbarium for ashes of two persons, including engraving...$3,000.00
2. Right to exclusive use of niche in Columbarium for ashes of one person, including engraving...$2,000.00
3. Granite 8 X 8 Memorial plaque on Memorial Wall, including engraving, for one person whose remains are located elsewhere... $1000.00
4. Scattering of Ashes of One Person in Scatter Garden, with Memorial plaque on Memorial Wall, including engraving... $1000.00
5. Engraved 12x12 Paver placed in walkway leading to the steps to the Scatter Garden... $ 750.00

The Sacred Garden & Columbarium is self-sustaining, financed by a Sacred Garden Fund that is separate from our church’s other finances. The funds will come from those who have contracted for a niche, a memorial plaque, or a memorial bench as well as contributions to the Columbarium Fund. The total funding will provide for perpetual maintenance, which will remain the responsibility of the Sacred Garden Committee of First Presbyterian Church.

April 2013,
Revised April 2023