Music Ministries

Whether you are 4 or 94

You can participate!

During the pandemic, music ministry has changed a lot to keep everyone safe.  We have plans to bring back all of the groups listed below when it is safe, and we look forward to it!  

Our 2021 Hymnfest can be viewed here!

Welcome from the Karrie Rushing, Director of Music

Music is an integral part of ministry at First Presbyterian Church. Whether the congregation is singing a familiar hymn accompanied by the Lewtak Organ, or the reflective notes of the guitar and mandolin flow through the sanctuary during communion, the main purpose of our musical offerings is to support and facilitate worship.

Everyone gets to participate in the “big choir” (a.k.a. congregational singing), but we offer numerous ensembles ranging in age, skill level, and instrument for anyone who would like to contribute further to the music ministry. Explore these pages to see where you might fit in. If you have a love for music and would like to find a way to be a part of the music ministry at First Presbyterian Church, there is a place for you here. All are welcome!

Chancel Choir

Our Chancel Choir provides vocal leadership for the 11am service each week. Our musical selections run the gamut from Bach and Brahms to Traditional Gospel and Spirituals, and everything in-between. The Chancel Choir also typically prepares special musical offerings for Advent and Lent/Easter.

In 2018, members of the FPC Chancel Choir were honored to sing in some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest during a tour through Central Europe. There are plans in the works for another tour in 2021 after the pandemic!

Westminster Chimes

For those who enjoy handbells, our Westminster Chimes Bell Choir is comprised of both youth and adults, and provides music for worship services and special events 7-8 times per year. We ring 5 octaves of Schulmerich Bells and 5 octaves of Schulmerich chimes.


There are many ways for instrumentalists to participate in worship and ministry at FPC. The Early Band provides both service music and support for congregational singing during the 8:30am service. On a given Sunday, there may be piano, mandolin, guitar, flute, and bass, or any combination thereof. Often, members who are skilled on a particular instrument may be called on to assist one of the choirs, or to play in worship. We strive to help our congregation find ways to use their gifts and talents in the worship setting.


JAM Choir

Our 2nd-5th graders make up JAM Singers and JAM Ringers. These older students begin to learn more about reading music (both choral and bell music) and learning the skills to be lifelong musicians. Together, we talk about the honor and responsibility of offering our gifts back to God through worship.

Youth Ensembles

Our 6th-12th graders may participate in the Mid-High Bell Ensemble (no prior experience required), or if they play an instrument, we have a Youth Instrumental Ensemble that participates in worship once or twice a year. High school students with a love for singing are invited to join the Chancel Choir with the adults.

Cherub Choir

Age 4 (Pre-K)

1st graders comprise the Cherub Choir and Cherub Ringers. At this age, there is an emphasis on having fun making music together. Though the Cherubs do sing and ring occasionally for worship and special programs, there is no pressure on the children to do so.

One of our favorite activities each year is to go to Montreat for their Music and Worship Conference.  Each year, FPC sends two groups to this conference.  Week one is for adults and week 2 is for kids and their chaperones.  If you are interested in attending one of these events, please contact Karrie Rushing.