Resources for Crisis

Suicide Crisis Lines                        

National Prevention Hotline                                      800-273-8255 (988 as of 7 /2022)

National Text Line                                                   741-741

Emergency Number                                                 911

Regional Suicide Prevention Hotline                           252-857 -4357

REAL Crisis Center                                                  252-857-4357


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention             

Finding a Mental Health Professional                        

Local Mental Health Agency: Trillium Health Resources                               252-215-6700

Local Mental Health Agency: CareNet Counseling East (CNCE)                     252-355-2801

Center of Family Violence Prevention                                                         252-758-4400

Homeless Shelter- Community Crossroads                                                 252-752-0829

Substance Abuse Counseling:      CNCE                                                      252-355-2801

Port Human Services                                                                   252-413-1637; 252-413-1950

Walter B. Jones Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center                           252-830-3426

Legal Assistance/Legal Aid                                                                         252-758-0113

Child Abuse Reporting:                                                                              252-902-1110

More Community Resources with Churches Outreach Network              

Client Intake Form for Aid with Churches Outreach Network                  

Loss of a loved one-   American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Support          

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention -Loss reading list                             https://afsg.orgLbooks-for-loss-survivors

Parents of suicide                                                                                 

Other resources:                            

Those thinking about suicide                           

Those who have emerged from suicidal thinking (second day persons)                    

A Second Day by Fe Anom Avis

The Gift of the Impossibly Messed-up Life by Fe Anom Avis and Michelle Snyder

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