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Please check boxes that apply. The appropriate church leader will be notified. If you volunteer to be an usher or Liturgist, you will be added to the schedule and you can swap with someone if the date does not work for you.

If you have specific duties that you would like to request to do at Mayfest, please let us know below.

What would you like to do at Mayfest for Missions? If you are flexible, please let us know.

First Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of Elm Street and 14th Street with parking lots on either side.  

Our address is 1400 S. Elm Street Greenville, NC 27858

However, we highly recommend first time visitors use the 14th street parking for ease of access.

Also, when we have outdoor services, they are on the 14th street side.

Thanks for your patience. Our brand new website is still under construction and not all areas of the site are finished.